Hi, there. Welcome to the personal site of Lis Mitchell, art geek, pixel monkey, vector wrangler, and word wrestler. I have lived all over North America, including Seattle, Washington; San Francisco, California; Raleigh, North Carolina; Sandy Eggo, California; Calgary, Alberta; Phoenix, Arizona; my old hometown of Orem, Utah; and that most exciting of metropoli, Rexburg, Idaho.

I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, John, and my child, known to the world as Doombringer. (Doom seems to be pending.)

news : 08.11.18

Hahaha. Apparently the last time I updated my poor neglected website was nearly a decade ago. So I guess there's a lot of news: I got married and had a kid and sold a story and changed jobs half a dozen times in the last decade. I took up photography and improv and left my old religion long behind. I left the continent and visited Hawaii, England, and Rome. I finally visited New York. I gained a lot of weight, grew some spine, changed it up.

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