anax junius : dark

Anax Junius

2000 digital, PhotoShop

As some of you may have guessed, I find dragonflies to be rather fascinating. This particular specimen was photographed and scanned by Dr. Dennis Paulson of the Slater Museum of the University of Puget Sound. He was kind enough to let me use several pictures of dragonflies and provide a wonderful site with lots of information about dragonflies. The lettering on the side actually covers some dragonfly terminology. See, art can be educational! Anyways, I kept this piece deliberately rather simple because this was such a wonderful shot and I felt that the detail of the dragonfly deserved attention.

This is the dark teal version of this particular wallpaper. There is also a white and grey background version with the dragonfly itself shown in full colour.

Get it as a wallpaper: 1024 by 768

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