jaorin : son of the stag

Jaorin: Son of the Stag

2003 digital, PhotoShop

Jaorin, the Son of the Stag, is my personal character, invented for a NaNoWriMo. He snuck into my sketchbook one day at the doctor's office and then demanded to be inked and coloured and digitally loved. :) I had a lot of fun drawing and inking him and almost as much fun giving him a pretty world to play in. The background is inspired by my home state of Utah--the mountains there are part of the Rocky Mountains and we had a lot of pines and aspens. (Those are aspens, btw, not birches. Everyone seems to get them mixed up.)

NOTE: This piece is a little older now, and if I were to revisit it, I'd probably paint it in a more painterly style, as opposed to a coloured between the lines sort of style. I'd also rework his mantle--never was completely happy about how that came out.

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