lis mitchell: mango afficianado

Lis Mitchell is a human with four decades of experience piloting this particular meatsack. She is a writer, artist, photographer, improv actress, lapsed stand-up comic, UX designer, and most recently, mother to Doombringer. She, her husband, and spawnling live in Seattle, a metropolis of the Pacific Northwest. Lis likes to drink tea, play Geoguessr, photograph and sketch in botanical gardens, and watch The Great British Bake-Off. Despite being raised a Mormon Republican in Utah, Lis turned into an atheist bleeding heart liberal.

A function of Lis's brain bits being a little whacky is that she gets very obsessed with things. Things like the island of Kauai. Or T.E. Lawrence. Or octopuses. Y'know.

Logistics: Her pronouns are she/her and they/theirs.

If she won a million dollars or the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, she would:

  • spend the next three years trotting around the world to all the places she's visited in Geoguessr
  • establish a scholarship for women in science
  • build a guest cottage for the cat, the dog, and their worthy caretaker (allergies suck)
  • fund an asthma clinic and a school on Kauai
  • go back to school and study forensics

Previous Biography, with bonus annotations from FutureLis

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