So, yeah, this is where everything else goes. Things like FAQs, and site history, and any detritus floating around that I can't find a home for in the other categories.

just the faqs, ma'am

Q: Weren't you over at before?
A: Indeed, I was. I've since switched providers, and once this new site has been up for a few month, I'll probably get to point here as well.

Q: I can't keep it straight--do you go by PixelFish or PiscusFiche?
A: Er. Both. See, back when I started going by PixelFish, there was only one other PixelFish to get confused with, and we didn't move in the same circles. The choice of name was strictly coincidental. However, as the Interweb grows, the occurence of PixelFishes has risen. I have gone from being the Numero Uno PixelFish, or perhaps one of two or three, to one of many. Nowadays, I can't guarantee that the name will be available when I sign into a new community or forum. So I started going by PiscusFiche, which is sort of a double pun.

Q: Isn't that awfully complicated? Why do you go by a pseudonym at all?
A: Like the ancient Greek goddess, Artemis, I like having lots of names. In fact, so far, I have gone by the following names: (in order) Chameleon, Lizard, Embryo, Seraphim Veritas, Zyastra, Deliriumfish, PixelFish, PiscusFiche. Oh, and my real name, Elizabeth. Or as my friends and family mostly call me, Lis

Q: Okay, I've been meaning to ask you about that. It's Elizabeth with a zed, but Lis with an S?
A: Yes, it's a long, tragic story involving misplaced eighth grade geometry homework and wrong scores given to wrong people. Suffice it to say, in the throes of teenage individualism, I told EVERYBODY that I would now spell Lis with an S. Most of my friends have cottoned on by now, but my mother has about a 50% success rate of spelling her own daughter's preferred name.

Q: So about this site? Did you make all the graphics yourself?
A: Yes, indeedy. Please don't use them. Everything is copyrighted to me, except where specially noted, and I'd hate to have to have to bring out the big guns. Did I mention that my best friend is a lawyer?

Q: Really?
A: Oh, yes. Really, really.

Q: How'd you make the graphics?
A: PhotoShop. Beautiful amazing PhotoShop! I made this all on my little laptop too, so if the gamma is a little off or things seem a tad dark, that's why. The angels and gargoyles came wholesale from my brain or from old sketches--I'd been trying to experiment with a sort of Diablo style to things when I painted them. I referenced the stony curlecue bits from a Dover book of medieval manuscripts, and hand-painted the textures with my trusty Wacom. All brushes used were original PhotoShop brushes. The photographic elements were all photographed by me as well.

Q: How'd you write the markup?
A: In UltraEdit. I can use Dreamweaver, but I prefer not to--it used to throw in weird extraneous HTML. My ex- taught me the PHP mojo, and an old friend, Jonnay, lent me some ears and eyes a few months back.

Q: What are those little squiggles that you have as dividers between posts?
A: Those are snippets of poems that I like. Mostly E. E. Cummings, but some Dylan Thomas and Sharon Olds too. I'm adding more all the time.

Q: Can I use one of your paintings to make avatars for my Live Journal?
A: For most of them, you can, although I'd prefer if you left a credit in the tag description. "Pic by Lis Mitchell" works for me. I reserve the right to ask you to remove it at any time. I'd also prefer if you didn't use any of my self-portrait pictures as avatars. These include Time Held Me Green and Dying, Self Portrait, Girl, and the cranky elf with blue hair. I use these for my own avatars, and I'd like to avoid confusion.

Q: Can I show your art on my art or personal website?
A: Yes, but under two conditions: A) Again, a credit (Pic by Lis Mitchell) and a link to my site. B) If you plan on showing the art as part of a permanent gallery, I'd prefer you not hotlink directly from my site, but download and reupload the pic to your own site.

Q: Can I link to you?
A: Sure.

Q: Will you link to me?
A: Maybe. Please don't take it personally if I don't.

about this site

This site was test in both FireFox and the hell-spawn that is IE. I didn't test it in Safari, so you Mac users will have to let me know if something horribly breaks. And for some reason, I designed this site for 900 pixels or wider. Don't ask why. It was a capricious design decision, but most of my traffic is driven through art sites, and most of my readers and lurkers are tech geeks with massive monitors and fat pipes. More massive than mine. But there, I've said too much....

site history

This site,, has only been in existence for a few months. However, this is not the first site I've had, and I sorta consider to be a continuation of my older websites.

1997: Fresh from two years of college, I set out to apply my newly acquired design skills. I shouldered my rifle and headed into the thick woods to stake me a claim in the tiny, but rapidly growing frontier of the Interweb. My first site was a free site, hosted by GeoCities, and correspondingly HORRIBLE. Mind you, I thought it was the bee's knees at the time. I had to commit all the flagrantly bad design decisions you could make when designing for the web before I could start on a course of correction. Thus it was that my site had badly tiled backgrounds, animated gifs, dark blue and purple text on a black blackground, blinking marquees, and everything else. Then designitis set in, and I set out on my first redesign.

1999: By that time, I was living in Canada, and my new host was a friend, who willingly hosted me for free in return for free graphic design. Back in those days, I was a wee

2000: In 2000, my then-boyfriend gifted me with my very first domain, This was my primary web home for about three years, and I probably went through about three designs during that time. I'll see if I can dig up some old screen shots for nostalgia's sake.

2004: At the tale end of 2004, I purchased and changed providers., or what remains of it, is still at the old server. I'll probably move it soon and get it redirected here.

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