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So you sent me email and I didn't email you back. I'm gonna apologise now for all the once and future emails which aren't going to be answered. But why didn't I answer yours?

Maybe it was a beautifully written, poetic email that I really really meant to respond to, and just as I was sitting down to reply to you, I heard a strange noise outside, and in my haste to rush to the window, over-turned my mango juice all over my desk, and then had to mop it up, and in the middle of that, my boyfriend arrived home, and said, "Hey, wanna go out for sushi?" and I said, "Oh yeah!" and we skibbled off into the Stygian, foggy darkness of the San Francisco night, and I didn't remember your email until 2.30 in the morning, when it occured to as I was rolling over in my sleep. And then I mumbled something like, "I'll email them in the morning." And six months later, here we are. Please don't feel bad if I didn't respond to you. Blame the mango juice.

Honestly, I do try to read and reply to all the emails I receive, except nasty ones, which are fortunately few in my world. I especially try to answer emails sent by prospective employers, so if you didn't hear back from me, please try again--maybe it bounced.

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